Fragrance Families and Notes – Find out more about your Perfume

To understand what scents best suit you or perhaps to pick the best perfume for someone you care about, understanding the different families of fragrances is a good place to start.

Fragrance Families:

Citrus, Oriental, Floral, Chypre, Wood and Fruit represent the key fragrance families. Each family is made-up of scents categorized in olfactory groups by experts and each category has its own distinct set of attributes.

Fragrance Notes:

An example of some important attributes can be fragrance ‘notes’; these are the different smells that arise from your skin after you have put-on perfume. Typically, the first notes you’ll begin to discern are ‘top notes’, they are the notes that are revealed with every spritz from the perfume bottle. On the other hand, the first notes you’ll smell evaporating from your skin are called opening notes. The middle notes, also called heart notes, last up to an hour on the skin and lastly, the base notes last the longest.

Now that you know a bit more on the matter, give it a try next time you wear your perfume or try new ones too, focus on the different notes, the potential fragrance families they may fall under and let yourself be enveloped by the experience of a beautiful sensorial experience.

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