The Scent Lab (TSL) is a Dubai-based specialty boutique firm focusing on the distribution of artisanal and avant-garde beauty products and fragrances.

Dhaher Bin Dhaher is an Emirati entrepreneur who is strongly rooted in Arab and Bedouin values and culture. He is the brand creator of Tola Perfumery and the founder of Villa 515, a boutique shop that houses top-notch, niche brands, a lab that caters to bespoke perfume creation and a lounge for a full perfume experience.

Pierre Caunac, a French citizen, who spent his last 25 years in Dubai, has vast experience managing and operating an import and export business throughout various industries, ranging from perfumery, leather goods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and beauty.

Dhaher and Pierre share the same goal of providing a perfume- distribution house where growth, proper market positioning and appreciation is within reach by brand and retail shop owners alike. They envision bridging the gap between what the brand and the market require by offering satisfactory brand experience and customer solutions.