What is niche perfume? And how is it different from the rest of the perfumes?

Today, perfume has become an integral part of your identity. It communicates more than one meets the eye. It's one of the most gentle yet powerful parts of the human sensory experience, as fragrance can evoke specific memories and give off a certain vibe, charm, or otherwise. The word "niche" is thrown around in perfume-related banter, but what does that exactly mean? In general terms, "niche" indicates products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of people. In other words, it also means 'different' and not wanting to please everyone.  

In the perfumery world, "niche" means boutique perfumes that offer the consumer the possibility to reward oneself with a scent that is both uncommon and exclusive. These fragrances are made independently, so not owned by a large brand. Many fragrance aficionados reasons that niche equates to quality. They believe greater attention to detail is given to the construction of the perfume and that components are of the highest caliber. 

Designers like Chanel, Lanvin, Dior, Carven, Prada, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Paco Rabanne, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Elie Saab revolutionized the perfume industry. They started driving fragrances to complement their apparel and accessories collections. These brands are available at many retail outlets situated in every city worldwide. A few decades ago, the perfumery market changed anew, with the birth of a brand new category of players: niche perfumers. Niche (or artistic) brands are offered only at selected perfume specialists' or high-end fragrance boutiques. Niche fragrances thrive on exclusivity and originality and are limited in quantity. These scents are made out of artisanal passion, developing a personal, authentic, engaging storytelling.

Today, the mainstream market is looking at niche as the new, profitable segment to exploit. Some big-branded or designer perfumes makers have also launched their exclusive and artistic lines, while others have acquired outstanding niche brands. The introduction of these new lines has proven highly successful. They captivate both the niche-addicted, those who explore the creation of original, sensational scents, and also brand-loyal consumers, who enjoyed the idea of wearing a more exclusive fragrance by their beloved designer.

The perception of perfumes is ever-changing for general consumers and perfume connoisseurs alike. The new lines give everyone a chance to delve and explore more profound olfactive indulgence.

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