The Best Home Fragrances & Triggers To Upgrade Your Homes

Knowing how to utilize fragrances at home successfully is the fastest way to press reset on your favorite space. Home is your personal space where you get to unwind and boost your inspiration level.

It's time to inject your home with a new lease of fragrance, indulge in some olfactory play to refresh your rooms – and your frame of mind. Don't forget that surrounding yourself with the right scent can significantly impact your well-being and happiness. 


Baruti is a niche independent perfume brand based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The heart of the brand lies a passion for high-quality raw materials and artistic vision. Heavily inspired by everyday art, nature, and poetry, each Baruti fragrance is a persona with its distinctive character and narrative.


Gardenia aims to recreate the smell of gardenias in full bloom as experienced during hot summer nights. The scent is sensual and narcotic!


Rooibos honey is inspired by Rooibos tea from South Africa. A pure pleasure for the senses for the natural-smelling Rooibos tea lover! It's part of the Teaism collection.


Rose aims to recreate the smell of roses in full bloom. The scent is fresh, uplifting, and romantic! This bottle of Parfum D' Ambiance is part of the Soliflower collection.


Tola is a heady combination of classicism, avant-garde fragrance, and insistence on high-quality creations. Tola's scents capture the spirit of a new way of life – contemporary and chic, yet anchored in the culture of timeless tradition.


Bukhoor, also known as Dukhoon, is the Arabic name for scented bricks. These are chips made of blended natural and traditional ingredients, mainly woodchips, soaked in fragrant oils and other materials such as amber, sandalwood, musk, resin, etc. Tola presents a collection of Bukhoor collection sequence #1, #2, #3 and #4.


Zenology brings hotel luxury home through sensible, luxurious, quality beauty and lifestyle products. A fragrance-driven lifestyle brand, where each product has been expertly crafted to deliver a fully immersive olfactive experience.


Zenology’s iconic ambiance trigger was created for housekeeping to apply fragrances to hotel rooms. By equipping our bottle with an advanced wide-range Canyon-trigger spray mechanism, one spray from our ambiance trigger can scent an entire room.


Zenology’s ambiance sprays is a little cloud of personal comfort and luxury on the go. It can create your favorite travel destination here and now in your car or when traveling the globe staying in different hotels.

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